Wednesday, February 13, 2008

No Castles Here

By A.C.E. Bauer

When you're in sixth grade in a school plunked down in a neighborhood that hosts gangs and drug dealers you have to watch yourself. Keeping your head down and trying not to attract a lot of attention to yourself works – but Augie runs out of luck when he is caught walking home from a bookstore carrying a book of fairy tales. Then his mother, who worries, signs him up for the Big Brothers program, and his Big Brother turns out to be gay. When he tries to hide out at school, he finds himself forced to try out for the school chorus. Could things get any worse? They could – when the school district decides to shut down Augie’s school, and send everyone across town to random locations. Augie has had enough! Can a (as he describes himself) “scrawny loser” make a difference in the world? Can an enchanted book teach him how to change his life?

You’ll be cheering Augie on before this book is through!

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